The company was born in 1918 when Frasson family started to produce wooden clogs by hand for local market.


Year after year Frasson increase his market, growing from a local artisan market to a full national coverage.


Woodhandling grew until 1974, when Arduino Frasson transformed the once small family business into a more modern company, developing its core business from wooden clogs to the production of composite soles.


Frasson decided to invest in one production site in Montebelluna area and in a new machinery for foamed pu soles.


In this year the company reinforced its production structure creating a further site in Croatia.


Frasson S.r.l. presented at ISPO fair (Munich) the patent Multifunction®, an innovative technology that increase the slip resistance. The idea was enthusiastically received by the market and in the following year it was licensed to Vibram (renamed Multicontrol Tech). In 2015, Frasson S.r.l sold the patent.


In 2013 Frasson co performs another step towards the completion of its structure by the acquisition of Rubbermac, a rubber industry in the north east Italy.


In order to cover the market request, in 2014 Frasson decided to invest in another strengthening production in Rumenia.


In 2015 Rubbermac co patented a new sole construction: #Weave. This new grant the possibility to reduce the sole weight and mantaining the high performance.


Since 2016, Frasson transformed its business name from Srl to SpA and the propriety becomes 100% share holder Gianni Frasson. In the same year, during Lineapelle fair, the company presents the last materials introduced in the production: inject EVA.


In 2017 Frasson introduces the new “Film-One” patent. This innovative sole construction allows a considerable weight reduction and a very strong rebound, protecting the product thanks to the use of very special and functional films.


Frasson reaches the remarkable goal of 100 years of business, introducing for this occasion, the new “R18 Centenario” running sole, which is the cutting edge of the whole Frasson’s company know-how. Frasson, a company rich in history, that still have much to say.